6th March 2017
Sitting on the traffic-laden Wijaya Road, TwentyFifth's great coffee and appetising line-up of food are the very reason why it's hard to pass over this coffee shop.

If there’s something Jakarta could brag about beside its traffic jam and unpredictable weather, is that it is pockmarked with countless of pit stops to take refuge in. Malls, stores, coffee shops, whatever they are, they have done many in helping people to stay sane in this tumultuous city we call home.

That’s why newly arrived establishments are often embraced wholeheartedly by the city, including TwentyFifth, a relatively low-profile coffee shop in Wijaya Road. Gaining its name from its location (25th Wijaya Road), the establishment sits next to León, an underground restaurant/bar that was established almost simultaneously with the former.

Those who have visited León, will notify the similar masculine vibe that is shared by both premises. Dominated in deep, muted hues, TwentyFifth is the kind of retreat that attracts its visitors to chill over great coffee (beans by Coffee Smith) and nosh. What’s so great about this place is they offer more than just the regular coffee shop food; coming with a big group is a must so that you could try them all. We’re talking big breakfast, pizza, burger, gelato that aren’t just look good on photos, but are delightfully tasty as well.

Divided into smoking and non-smoking area, the coffee shops offer plenty of seats, but one may have to rush to claim the couch and lazy chairs by the wall, a prime spot to wind down with a sedative cup of cappuccino and light bites, to gather one’s wits after a rigorous day at the office. Indeed, it’s a much-needed break before braving against the traffic.