Koultoura Coffee

3rd November 2013
Koultoura Coffee claims its territory in the West Jakarta as the cafe with cool factors.

Appealing to the mass while differentiating yourself from the rest is an arduous challenge. Although outwardly, Koultoura Coffee appears to be pleasing everyone, that pursuit didn’t water down the café’s image into a bland cup of instant coffee.

Spend just less than a minute in here and you’ll realise that the charm of this café lies in the personality. The portraits of four cutesy animals were displayed across the wall and personal objects displayed on the shelves and cabinet such as Perkins Brailler – that bring off the effect of being in the set of Wes Anderson’s movie.

Yet such intention is more than just to appeal to the mass. The real purpose might be to subconsciously allowing one to identify themselves to one of those four mascots. Think you’re more like a carefree bohemian rabbit? Then perhaps a glass of Iced Latte suits you best. Or recognise yourself like the knowledgeable and serious owl? Black Coffee coming right up.

It is easy to spend hours in Koultoura Coffee as the menu provides almost every needs of your stomach in any given time of the day such as breakfast or brunch and even high tea. In the logo, the lightning bolt that sits above the cup of coffee represents coffee that provides a wakening jolt. Yet, more than just acoffee establishment, Koultoura is all about personality in a cup coffee.