No-Frills Elegance Reigns at Sapto Djojokartiko

Julius Kensan
10th November 2023
Sapto Djojokartiko amps up the softness for his latest show, presenting a collection that is invigorating in its sensual undertone, away from unnecessary frills.

For the latest Sapto Djojokartiko show, the designer erected a minimalistic monolithic structure right outside the courtyard of Plaza Senayan Mall. The excitement was palpable—it was a star-studded occasion filled with famous influencers and A-list Indonesian artists (from Dian Sastrowardoyo, Reza Rahadian to Luna Maya). One could sense the adrenaline that the team must be running on too: show attendees swiftly settling down to their seats (Sapto’s shows are known to start on time), while it started pouring outside and rainwater began dripping into the corners of the structure. It’s the kind of thrill and anticipation that are only afforded at a physical show. 

And then a hush fell over the space and the models streamed out from the soft undulating walls like a gentle breeze. 

While Sapto has been known for his light and uncomplicated designs in soft summer palette for the past few years, this time round, the designer went further by stripping away the unnecessary frills and amping up the softness, resulting in a collection that is invigorating in its sensual undertone. There were babydoll dresses with delicate spaghetti straps, a bandeau top worn with a low-rise skirt and sheer coats so light it could get picked up by the slightest breeze.

The collection also charms in its unfussy quality. Sapto has his eyes firmly focused on clothes that women can see themselves in and want to wear. No doubt there is something for women from different walks of life—though it will most likely speak to adults who prioritise ease and comfort above all else. After all, these are looks that would not take much effort to slip into

The designer also kept the hair and makeup sleek and clean; models were minimally accessorised and glided past in comfortable platform shoes and sandals. An amusing contrast to the Halloween celebration happening on the same evening, if you will.

When the finale came and the models calmly made their final march through the runway and disappeared behind the walls, you wish you could follow suit and be whisked away to the untroubled paradise that lies beyond it.