One Fifteenth Coffee

17th November 2013
The term 1/15 finally finds its physical bearing with One Fifteenth Coffee, balancing the right mix of coffee experience with its craftsmanship and interior.

Named after the well-known coffee-to-water ratio that yields the ideal cup, One Fifteenth Coffee is a young establishment that is serious about patrons’ coffee experience.

If the name alone is not enough to convince jaded coffee enthusiasts, then Doddy Samsura, the head barista would. Having won the Indonesia Barista Championship for two consecutive years, Samsura’s knowledge and skills on coffee is well reflected on the extensive menu.

Other than serving coffee with single origin beans, there are also different ways to savour it. Espresso, checked. Filter coffee, checked. To boot, this establishment offers Tasting Flight menu – a sort of coffee degustation for the dedicated coffee connoisseurs or simply for those who like to try different single origins in one sitting. Meanwhile, non-caffeinated drinks such as mixed fruit juices and smoothies provide alternative options for those who are not so much of a coffee aficionado.

The sophisticated interior and sparsely populated furnishings elevate the coffee experience in One Fifteenth Coffee with a nod to Scandinavian aesthetic. And thanks to the vast glass exterior, the establishment is often basked in a glorious natural light during the day. One Fifteenth Coffee is a good spot to be, whether you’re looking for a place to work, study or simply enjoy a quiet day by yourself.