No Slowing Down at Ratatat

by Cindy Julia Tobing
15th February 2024
Give Ratatat in Little Tokyo a shot, Lawless Jakarta’s first-ever bar concept that sets its main agenda on the ultimate shot experience.

Go ahead, take a shot. That seems like a phrase fully abided by Lawless Jakarta’s newest venture and its first-ever bar concept, Ratatat. 

Located just upstairs Lawless Burgerbar in Little Tokyo Blok M, the former storehouse space is turned into a cheeky, ‘upgraded’ dive bar unabashed in its rebellious spirit. From the walls and lampshades to the classic Monalisa print, none are spared from the aerosol spray of graffiti art and tongue-in-cheek phrases personally designed by the team’s artist friends. A vandalised living room, if you will. 

But Ratatat’s main agenda is their ultimate shot experience. A simple attempt to restore the shot culture that is increasingly lost in the city’s ever-evolving nightlife trends, their creation of signature cocktail shots mixes some exciting liquor infusions crafted for the light drinkers to the daring. 

Available in six, 12 and 24 shots, there’s the bartender’s pick of Lyrical Fizz crafted with traditional arak from Bali, its strong arak flavour masked by parts of lychee liquor and coke. There’s also the smooth-tasting and sweet Empirical Minty Mirage, which mixes the premium arak produced by Denmark flavour distillery, Empirical, with fermented milk, mint and sweet vermouth. 

Feeling dry after a drink? Or tired after one of Ratatat’s jamming sessions of Motown or R&B nights? Their servings of steak frites and pastrami sandwiches to chicken wings should do to appease the peckish. Those of you who are not a ‘shot’ kind of person can also opt for their range of libations from whisky and gin to no-fuss beers. 

Another friendly neighbourhood hideout in the vibrant Little Tokyo, Ratatat serves as an exciting option for the night owls to get loose and have fun in the moment. Maybe try to best Ratatat’s reigning streak of 38 shots in their all-you-can-drink-under-one-minute showdown? Give it a shot.