Chung Gi Wa

13th November 2013
Thankfully, no soapy Korean drama here. Just good ol' Korean BBq in Chung Gi Wa.

Thanks to the invasion of South Korea’s pop culture throughout the world, including Indonesia; there is no shortage of eateries promoting cuisine from the aforementioned country. However, with so many of them around, you start to wonder if you’re getting your money’s worth on their so called ‘authentic dishes’ of South Korea.

Chung Gi Wa is a Korean barbeque restaurant that in first glance, looks a tad tacky with its wood-oriented architecture. However, what Chung Gi Wa lacks in its design aesthetic is compensated with quality meal.

In the customary manner of a South Korean cuisine, cold appetizers such as Kimchi are served during the start of the meal, while the server prepares and grills the meat using bamboo charcoal. The pork, which is flown specially from Bali, is savoury and gradually reveals its sweetness as you chew. Not to be outdone, the beef is equally succulent with a complex flavours that set off in your mouth whether you choose to wrap it in a crisp lettuce or eat it as it is.

The restaurant also serves other popular South Korean dishes, such as Seafood Pancake and Hot and Sour Kimchi Soup to complement the barbeque meat. Without a doubt, this is the kind of meal where one would enjoy with the company of family and friends.