Burgreens Menteng

11th December 2018
As the year is drawing to a close, Burgreens’ new headquarter in Menteng opens with a friendly ambience where anyone can get their dose of comforting healthy meals and a mindful yoga class at one go.

With the stream of health-conscious establishments opening this year, the healthy food movement continues to strike Jakarta. Burgreens needs no introduction for they’re among the few who have made their mark in the industry. With five branches under its belt, including their recent ones in Neo SOHO and Kuningan (Erasmus Huis), Burgreens is ending the year big with a new flagship in Menteng.

This time, the two-storey eatery shares its space with Jeda Wellnest (located right upstairs), a recent health and wellness clinic that hosts weekly workshops, yoga classes and health consultations. A warm and friendly atmosphere welcomes visitors to feel at ease in the new Burgreens’ space. The eatery is decked out in the signature ‘look’ you’d find in other branches, complete with a grey color palette and playful murals.

While you can still find their vegetarian and vegan-friendly burgers, it’s worthwhile to explore the diverse menu and find a selection of fares that are close to heart. Take for instance the Kale N’ Bean Lasagna. A healthy spin on the classic, Burgreens’ version satiates with broccoli and kale filling, bean bolognese and cashew beschamel, served with vegan caesar salad on the side.

It’s also easy to fall for the Hearty Spring Bowl, a bowlful of colourful vegetables with fresh tomatoes, corn, sweet potato, eggplant, mushroom and organic tofu, all piled up over a bed of greens and drizzled with sesame dressing. And you can’t skip on a plate of the Vegan Gyoza to share, filled with mushroom, soy protein, carrot and cabbage filling.

Accompany your healthy meal with a cool glass of Es Kopi Abang Max. Deriving the name from its founding father, Chef Max Mandias, it’s a classic es kopi susu where the shot of espresso is infused with soy milk and palm sugar. Otherwise, have a fresh Detox Red Velvet juice that features a mix of beet, watermelon and lemon.

Five years since its founding, it’s no surprise to see Burgreens anchoring the health crusade in Jakarta with their proficiency in delivering delicious healthy food. Whether it’s just for a casual meal or a nourishing post-yoga class fuel (it’s just an elevator ride away to Jeda Wellnest, after all), there’s always a reason to pop by and return to Burgreens Menteng.