A New Era for Nitro Coffee

by Runi Cholid
24th April 2024
Nitro Coffee's third outlet at Wisma Nugra Santana in Sudirman signals a fresh chapter for the coffee and roastery company.

Seven years after opening its doors to the coffee—and eventually, brunch—scene in Ciranjang, Nitro Coffee boosts into Sudirman with a third outlet tucked to the side of the Wisma Nugra Santana office building, boasting an expansive interior that heralds a new era for the coffee and roastery company.

Adapting to the office building environment, the space reflects classic hotel lobbies and lounges with touches of mid-century elements. Designer Lianggono Susanto leads this interior direction, infusing his material-centric approach through details such as a wallpaper made of numerous folded newspapers to triangular coconut husk patterns that accentuate the curving coffee bar at the centre of the room.

“When you look around the room, you’ll likely spot different textures and materials that appear in contrast to one another but still harmonise under the same theme—and that’s our interpretation of [Nitro’s] ‘melting pot’, which is an idea that we’re trying to reflect through this design of the interior,” remarked the eponymous creative director behind Studio Lianggono.

The ‘melting pot’ not only represents the huge variety of beans and coffee enthusiasts that find their way into Nitro but also lays the foundation for its new direction. The Sudirman outlet (and eventually the Ciranjang location too) will become a coffee shop, retail and restaurant hybrid that offers full-meal dinners, natural wine and craft beer, as well as Nitro memorabilia to bring home, including filter beans and merchandise.

That said, longtime fans of Nitro can take comfort in the fact that their old favourites of coffee and homemade pastries will stick around, such as the crisp Apple Pie dusted with granulated sugar on top, to non-coffee alternatives like the best-selling Raspberry Shaken Tea and the sweet and nutty Matcha Pistachio.

Thanks to its central location near the MRT, a typical day at the Sudirman shop has quickly captured the business district’s high-paced hustle by becoming a hub for office workers in the surrounding area. And with plans of further entry into the broader lifestyle scene, it’s exciting to anticipate the kind of scenes and dynamics that might prosper inside Nitro’s melting pot.