One Fifteenth Coffee (Senopati)

21st May 2019
Great-tasting coffee as expected, paired with equally delish meals in sophisticated atmosphere, there's everything to look forward to in One Fifteenth's newest home in Senopati.

Regardless of the up-and-comers in the coffee game, one must acknowledge One Fifteenth’s consistency in delivering great tasting coffee and food throughout the years. After a few coffee shops spread throughout the city, the reputation that follows them is well-deserved. It’s not a surprise to see them reach for Jakarta’s coolest neighbourhoods, the latest one being on the Senopati belt.

The coffee shop, designed by Zhi Xio Chang of ZXC Studio, echoes a sophisticated and homey vibe as one would anticipate. It accommodates anyone from business partners, friends over casual meet-ups, to those who come in solo to find a comforting and familiar refuge. The venue, however, impresses further with its décor where Chris Bunjamin‘s photography adorns the walls and the the woven rattan walls by BYO Living, which also produced Andra Matin’s renowned Elevation installation, accentuates the space with a resounding charm.

But aside from coffee, it’s also One Fifteenth’s fares that people come for these days. To complement your morning coffee, one can’t pass a plate of their well-loved signatures: the Avocado on Toast and the Acai bowl, both ideal any brunch situation, especially for those longing a wholesome meal to start the day.

Aside the signatures, there’s also a few additions to the menu that you’d want to explore. Those who come in ravenous may want to opt for the succulent Ribeye Steak. Still, there are options for everybody, just like the Veggie Burger, who calls for any vegetarian in the room or anyone who craves a healthier, light meal.

Needless to say, coffee is first and foremost, and you can rely on One Fifteenth to deliver.  Paired with delectable fares in a laid-back atmosphere, all boxes are ticked here. So, the next time you’re in the area, remember that a good cup of coffee (and good time) is now within reach.