CORK&SCREW Country Club

14th November 2018
Inside the Senayan National Golf Club, CORK&SCREW hosts patrons to wind down in its upscale country club with a swimming pool in the backyard and fine drinks to accompany the occasion.

One rattling fact about Jakarta is that the city hosts lavishness on a grand scale. It shouldn’t come as a surprise then, that among its 12 million inhabitants, a good fraction simply live and breathe in opulence. As such, Union Group’s latest addition, CORK&SCREW Country Club stands for this very affluence.

Revered for its stately list of wine collection, CORK&SCREW is easily a harbour for the bon vivants. Its third location inside the Senayan National Golf Course compound offers an upscale ambiance away from the city with a nod to a Bali-esque atmosphere.

Indeed, the establishment feels like a destination for leisure. The branch successfully sets itself apart from its preceding two as a country club for the affluent. First off, the venue is adjacent to the golf course, and the restaurant houses an indoor and semi-outdoor seating, complete with a swimming pool in its backyard for patrons to take a dip – perhaps after a taxing golf practice and definitely before a good meal.

During lunchtime, expect the country club to be lively with white-collars and party groups dining-in. You’ll see them regaling themselves over CORK&SCREW’s favourites, like their Nasi Cumi Pekalongan, a savoury and spicy black squid served with rice and sambal ijo. Take a western turn, and their Chili Cream Scallop Linguine is worth to try, and the Duck Confit with potato gratin and butternut squash purée is a delight. Finish your meal with a refreshing sweet note from the Coconut Panna Cotta with a side of mango sorbet and sticky rice.

Cocktails are also the establishment’s strong suit. Here, the simple C.C Gin&Tonic is beautifully taken up a notch with butterfly pea infused gin to give it a purple and feminine appeal. Also, if the Indonesian sweet Bika Ambon cake had a cocktail rebirth, it would taste like the Bika Ambon Old Fashioned.

All in all, one would frequent Cork & Screw Country Club knowing that the establishment is, indeed, for the bon vivants looking for a brief respite from the incessant demands of the metropolis. In English, this French term translates into ‘those who enjoy the company of people, good food, and fine drinks’. And, of course, all these are easily attained at CORK&SCREW.