The Roots

3rd October 2019
Salads will be less confusing and more enjoyable with The Roots: their simplistic yet generous dishes will fulfill the tummy without breaking a buck.

Since The Roots is one family with HONU, expect the salad eatery to hold a simple and down-to-earth charm with none of the gimmicks on the food. Located in a corner of COMO Park, the establishment is open and simplistic in design just as it is secluded enough for as peaceful lunch spot.

While the restaurant is understated, the menu itself brightens the mood. The Roots has a very modest selection, but even from the ample of choices on offer: from chicken, salmon to vegan, western flavours to exotic-inspired, they’re varied enough for anyone to find one they will fancy as a go-to from hereon. Additionally, the flavours more than makes up for it.

The Smoky Southwest is a great balance of crunchy and rustic with its crispy chicken, black beans, charred corn and red paprika over a bed of greens drenched in smokey south. For their take on Asian fusion, the Rainbow Soba is generous with its pan-seared salmon, mesclun mix and shiitake mushrooms, mixed with soba and pickled edamame, in a sesame carrot dressing. Vegans can rejoice on the Mediterranean Falafel packed with kale and a light dressing to complement. Don’t fancy your salad in a bowl? Fret not, it’s just as good when it comes in a wrap.

Salads don’t have to be complicated; the assortment of ingredients must simply blend harmoniously at each bite–and it’s safe to say that The Roots has that department under control. The eatery stays true to their face value, simple and down to earth with none of the pretense for being a salad bar that nails it without putting a hole in our wallets.