127 Café

6th November 2013
Rest, chill and fix your caffeine cravings at any given time in 127 Café.

A café can be found almost anywhere. But not every café is good. People tend to forget that novelty can only go so far in an equation of a good café. Who needs to feel as if he/she is sipping a cup of espresso in Portland? At the end of the day, it only serves to bring you down once you realise that you’re not where you want to be as soon as the caffeine starts to wear off.

This is why there is a straightforwardness quality of 127 Café that is refreshing. It is what it is. A comfortable place for you to frequent be it alone or with friends. A simple beverage menu that doesn’t get you to try to figure out its ingredients. One of the surprising elements that elevates 127 Café is its reading selection. Among the mix are biography of artist or current affairs news such as Wall Street Journal that keeps you grounded and sensible instead of article about finding ten different ways to catch your cheating spouse.

Night owl would be pleased to know that this establishment opens 24/7. A café that never sleeps? Now that’s a dedication.