Ding Dong Disko

9th April 2019
Ding Dong Disko is the new howl in Kemang that braces the golden days of disco by night and a laid-back restaurant by day in a full-time groove.

South Jakarta has never been a sleepy destination. In fact, the latest howl comes from Kemang where Ding Ding Disko revs up the golden days of disco parties à la mode of today.

And that’s the groove you get inside the club. The venue nested right above Aksara unapologetically throws you back to the good ol’ times of the 70s. It reminisces over the space age era with clean-cut futuristic silhouettes that are old-school, yet it’s all tied up to today’s aesthetic preferences by limiting their main palette to monochromatic orange. Add the built-in bulky TV screens, neon lights, rounded shapes all throughout the place and it won’t be hard to feel the funk.

Disco, local and international, is the celebrated music that’s jockeyed on the deck. But truly, don’t fret if the rhythm isn’t familiar because each night of the week is dedicated to a genre that might suit you. As long as mainstream isn’t your middle name, you’ll do just well grooving on Ding Dong’s dance floor.

Unsuspected by most visitors, the establishment braces a different face during the day. For one, Ding Dong is wide open for lunch and afternoon deeds. In company of hearty Indonesia and Western dishes like pasta and Ding Dong Fried Rice (keluak black fried rice with chicken popcorns, sunny-side up and prawn crackers), they have pizzas and other comforting finger foods to munch on during your fun, good times.

Feel free to have your meetings over coffee, donuts or bakmi from the establishments within Aksara’s proximities in Ding Dong. Or better yet, you’re more than welcome to dive in their intriguing specialty cocktails that are yet another ode to space and time odysseys. They’ve drawn inspiration after modern pop-culture’s sci-fi references, thus giving cocktail rebirths to bitter and potent Han Solo, desirably sweet Ex Machina, and a mean remake of 3000: Space Odyssea, among others, to suit your fancy during meals or as you dance the night away til the break of dawn.