Ron’s Laboratory

14th January 2014
Ron's Laboratory injects fun into the familiar Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream.

By now, most people are already pretty much acquainted with Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream. Sure, it’s probably hard to understand the science that goes into making it. But, one doesn’t need to hold a degree in science in order to appreciate them. That sense of awe when you’re witnessing the process – soft cold billowing smokes that overflows from the machine sensuously. Pretty much like childhood experience in the candy store, no?

Located in the crowded Grand Indonesia Mall (West Mall to be exact), Ron’s Laboratory serves up the familiar Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream with a twist. Don’t worry; there are no mad scientists here trying to freak anyone out. What Ron’s Laboratory trying to accomplish here, is to present an eccentric way to enjoy your ice cream. You’ll notice staffs behind the counter dressed in clinical lab coats. But, that’s not where the tie to a laboratory starts and ends.

The no-brainer pick from the menu is Avocado Espresso. The soft and toothsome Avocado ice cream comes with, wait for it, a syringe. Don’t be alarmed though, for that’s where the Espresso comes in. You can inject them on top of the ice cream or be playful and inject the fun (no pun intended) straight into your mouth before scooping the rest of ice cream in.

When it comes to food, new idea comes and goes in the speed of a melting ice cream (pun intended). But, what will capture the hearts of the patrons ultimately lies in the way it’s experienced. And, that is not exactly rocket science.