Otel Lobby

25th June 2014
Check out from a busy state of mind, and check in to Otel Lobby, a fine retreat in the midst of Jakarta’s traffic gridlock.

Otel Lobby is a true juxtaposition in itself. Located in the fast-paced business district of Kuningan, the diner’s laid-back atmosphere makes it a fine retreat for those who want to clear their mind of traffic woes, or grab a drink before making the long commute home.

Step into the restaurant and you’ll catch sight of a luggage cart, reminiscent of ones belonging in a hotel lobby. The establishment is designed to portray what its name suggests. After a long journey, a traveler breathes a sigh of relief upon arrival at the hotel lobby. In like manner, the strains & demands of work fade away once you check in at Otel Lobby.

Co-owner and head chef of the establishment, Maya Aldy makes it a point that her food is always fresh. Pasta, bread, and ice cream are all homemade at Otel Lobby. The signature “Apple and Orange Salad” is a fresh twist on a classic salad by adding the tanginess of fruits in it. The diner is also home to one of the best Beef Wellingtons in Jakarta. Serving a predominantly Western fare, Otel Lobby’s menu includes a few local favorites such as “OTL Bubur” or “OTL Soto Mie Jakarta”. When it’s time for dessert, indulge in the Banoffee Pie served with homemade Dulce de Leche ice cream.

Many flock to Otel Lobby in pursuit of Hell Hour, the longest happy hour in town – where bar food and cocktails are two for one. For the ladies, swing by Otel Lobby on Wednesday nights for free drinks at the bar. For a light and refreshing cocktail, try the Herb ‘n’ Bourbon: a concoction of fresh rosemary and strawberries paired with fine Kentucky Bourbon. Another house favorite is the Burning Mandarin, a mixture of local chili and mandarin vodka that lives up to its name.

Enduring Jakarta’s traffic gridlock is a daily nuisance, dreaded by all. Thankfully, the city of traffic has Otel Lobby as an oasis.