Kimchi Grandma

10th May 2014
With an already established reputation overseas, Kimchi Grandma's terrific and uncompromising Korean fare is giving other Korean restaurants a serious run for their money.

Before arriving on the shore of North Jakarta, Kimchi Grandma already has a reputation of being an established and popular restaurant in Melbourne. But for those who are uninitiated, Kimchi Grandma is not bringing a piece of Melbourne into Jakarta, but rather, as the name suggests, good ol’ Korean fare.

Perhaps, due to its location in the popular and trendy district of Pantai Indah Kapuk, Kimchi Grandma adopted a modern approach to its interior with a nod to the well-liked Industrial aesthetic. But while the approach to the interior is modern, Kimchi Grandma sticks to the formula and keeps it simple and straightforward when it comes to the food.

The entire establishment is smoke-free and there is no clichéd barbeque-side theatrics to distract patrons from the food. The standout is their sweet and thinly sliced, beef spare ribs. The rest of classic barbeque selections such as bulgogi beef or chicken are confidently delivered with no compromise on flavours. Equally unrivaled is their delish kimchi stew.

It’s easy to get excited and place plenty of orders in one go when one is famished. Still, the serving portion in Kimchi Grandma is plenty despite its appearance and, as always, is best enjoyed with company.