Kedai Kopi Selamat Pagi

8th February 2018
Amongst the rows and rows of shophouses at BSD’s Icon Business Park, Kedai Kopi Selamat Pagi opens its doors to early risers and breakfast enthusiasts alike with traditional offerings like bakmi and kopi susu.

Though “kopi susu” (local version of ice coffee) have recently become a regular offering throughout many cafes in Jakarta, only a few new establishments have been brave enough to fully embrace an authentic breakfast experience reminiscent of Jakarta’s older days. For those who are tired of the now-typical latte and a pastry fare, Kedai Kopi Selamat Pagi offers something familiar that may have been missing for far too long from the daily routines of many Jakartans.

Housed in a modest shophouse across Atmajaya University’s BSD campus, Kedai Kopi Selamat Pagi takes inspiration from various traditional coffee houses that were and still are popular around North and Central Jakarta. Visually, Kedai Kopi Selamat Pagi marries the lived-in qualities of those coffee houses with the sleek and minimal design elements opted by many contemporary cafes. Like splatters of colorful paint on a blank canvas, the sporadic-yet-vibrant decor at Kedai Kopi Selamat Pagi, especially the eye-catching mural, are juxtaposed with the whiteness of the floor, walls, and ceiling.

Like most “kedai kopis”, Kedai Kopi Selamat Pagi encourages crowds to come by earlier in the morning when they have just opened. Their dishes are portioned with breakfast in mind, so you won’t find yourself leaving leftovers or feeling to full after finishing your order. This breakfast portion is also reflected on their price range, with drinks and dishes going at a lesser price point than most cafes.

Food-wise, Kedai Kopi Selamat Pagi champions their “Kopi Susu” paired with a bowl of their “Bakmi Ayam” or “Nasi Babi”. However, if you’re looking for something to share in the morning, we recommend you go for the “Roti Bakar”. There are four flavours to try, but the standout has to be “Srikaya”.

When Kedai Kopi Selamat Pagi talks about embracing the spirit of a homestyle breakfast experience, they are being quite literal. The food that are on offer are made from recipes collected from the owners’ own households. With the straightforward and familiar offerings that you grew up with paired with the friendly and easy-going ambience, Kedai Kopi Selamat Pagi is definitely worth the early start.