H Gourmet & Vibes

13th November 2015
The dynamic music, food and vibes combo of H Gourmet & Vibes oozes the atmosphere of a speakeasy bar without being one.

H Gourmet & Vibes may not be a speakeasy establishment but it certainly feels like one. The restaurant-cum-bar is located on the third floor of a building at Gunamarwan Street, where one is required to access it through an almost unnoticeable lift. Then once in, the interior of the establishment harks back to New York circa 1920s, a time where prohibited bars thrived and were mostly run by gangsters.

Nevertheless, the industrial-inspired interior of H Gourmet & Vibes leans towards a more relaxed atmosphere. Elements like rusty window grille, wooden benches and lampposts are thrown together as the place’s main fit-outs. Indeed, there are plenty of spots for one to snug in. High top tables by the tall windows provide a secluded space while the “Park” section of the establishment allows guests to chill on wooden benches.

Still, believe it or not, it’s the food that seals the deal here. The substantial portion and hearty meal in H Gourmet & Vibes continues to be the establishment’s drawing card. Favourites like Salmon Stack (salmon burger stacked between brioche buns) and Rollin’ Caesar (bacon wrapped with lettuce with Caesar salad seasoning) are often present on the dining table, beside some cheekily-titled house cocktails, such as Brooklyn Pride, Fool’s Gold Cider and Chocobo.

And if all of that is still not enough, H Gourmet & Vibes also throws frequent music events to amp up the vibes of the house, bringing beats and soul not only on weekends but on weekdays too. It’s certainly a spot where one could simultaneously take it down a notch and boost their slow nights with a nice kick of comfort food and cocktail to match.