6th September 2014
For the ex-Melbournians, The Fctry invokes gastronomic nostalgia. While for the rest, it serves as a delectable introduction to the food culture of Melbourne.

In a first glance, The Fctry’s clean and low profile exterior seems to be shying away from unwanted attention. But that entire downplayed exterior is easily compensated by the industrial interior inside. The high-ceiling establishment is generously swathed in monochrome palette of mostly grey and black. Concrete walls are stripped with exposed pipes serving as an unintentional artwork for The Fctry.

Childhood friends, Andri and Karina Suriaputra (siblings) and Adrian Low are co-owners of this establishment. Andri – head chef of The Fctry, who also has years of barista experience under his belt – explained that the menu revolves around the idea of comfort food. Even though the food in the menu reads like a tribute to Melbourne’s food culture, it is not hard to figure out why they could be contemplated as comfort food.

After all, a great number of Jakartans have, at one point of their lives, spent a considerable amount of time studying or working (or both) in the city of Melbourne. As such, their soft spot for a bowl of Gyu Tan Don (Ox Tongue Rice Bowl) and Crispy Pork Belly easily mirrors one’s sentiment towards a simple and reassuring plate of Indonesian Fried Rice.

But those who haven’t step a foot into the city of Melbourne will not find the food choice to be unfamiliar. Dishes such as Fungi Pasta and Beef Wellington will easily catch the attention of hungry diners. Their delicious Pork in a Bun is a recommended appetiser to kick off a hearty meal.

In The Fctry, almost all of the food is made from scratch and this includes even the sauce as well, such as their signature Chimichurri. Andri places heavy emphasis on freshness and perfection. So don’t be surprised when the staffs point out that you may have to wait for half an hour just for Crispy Pork Belly.

Most people will find the establishment as a delectable introduction to the food culture of Melbourne. For the rest, The Fctry invokes gastronomic nostalgia and allows them to walk down the memory lane every now and then.