Cutie Cats Cafe

7th March 2015
Frankly, there’s no need to explain one’s obsession over cats. At Cutie Cats Café, unleash your inner “cat lady” and immerse yourself in the adorable cat kingdom without judgement.

Thanks to Internet, cat’s popularity has enjoyed a meteoric rise and continues to remain so as endless streams of cat’s memes and videos permeates our daily lives through every social media channels.

Being the first cat café in Jakarta, Cutie Cats doesn’t need to break out any sweat to attract any visitors, especially when they have adorable, fluffy and purring companions as their trump card.

Started by Lia Kurtz, who is a proud owner of 30 cats herself, Cutie Cats is home to variety of distinctive breeds of cat, such as Himalayan, Persian, Scottish Fold and even Bengal.

Visitors are charged by the hour, enabling them to play with the cats as long as they wish. Here, the cats are exceptionally friendly towards human. One needn’t work hard to get the attention of those cats. They are willing to lie on their back and play by your side then subsequently withdraw away from you for a quick meal or nap as they wish. (After all, this is where potent force of cutesiness rules, allowing them to get away with everything.)

Those who are concerned that these cats will be vulnerable to mishandling by clueless visitors need not worry. There are cat attendants around to look after their welfare. Plus there’s also class on Saturday for children (aged 3-12 years old) on how to care for their feline friends, making sure that all the cats get the royal treatment they deserve.