19th December 2017
Putting light gourmet touches on the familiar, Cafélulu gathers comfort food from around the globe right at Lippo Mall Kemang’s doorsteps.

After a series of successes around Jakarta’s Central Business District, such as Sofia in Hotel Gunawarman, Syah Establishments is back again with new offering over at Lippo Mall Kemang with the opening of Cafélulu. Conveniently located next to the mall’s main entrance, Cafélulu gathers a wide and international range of comfort food under a single roof. Housed in a sizeable diner-style space washed in muted pink, the buzz around Cafélulu suggests a healthy tenure ahead for the young social eatery.

Being situated front and centre at Lippo Mall Kemang, Cafélulu is almost never empty. Crowds during peak lunch hours usually consist of mothers waiting on their children from the nearby Sekolah Pelita Harapan (SPH), and even the students themselves. During late afternoon, groups of people would gather for meetings and a quick meal when the restaurant is less busy. At dinnertime however, the crowd picks back up again with people getting off from work and looking for a place to kickback. Plus, Cafélulu opens until 1am on weekends, it’ll be a pity not to indulge in one of their signature cocktails like the Flora Dora.

Menu wise, where else would you find Pastas and Pizzas on one page, but then Nasi Goreng and Thai food on the next? Only after browsing it for a while can one infer that the words ‘comfort’ and ‘street-inspired’ runs deep in this collection of dishes. Presenting staple foods from around the globe with a light gourmet touch, Cafélulu’s versatile menu would surely appeal to most patrons. For something local with a slight twist, the Nasi Goreng Kampoeng with quinoa is a clear favourite. But don’t miss out on their selection of Pizzas, The Margherita is a sure way to go.

From its offerings, to the lively atmosphere, and its unbeatable location, safe to say Cafélulu is fast becoming one of the main highlights in Lippo Mall Kemang.