Burgers Trader

15th October 2015
Burgers Trader is the first “burger truck” to arrive in West Jakarta that stays faithful with the timeless hamburger format. Prepare yourself to get messy.


Lovers of hamburger have found numerous ways to develop the classic bun-meat patty-bun format over the years. Some among them include veggie burger and rice burger, to name a few.

But if truth be told, nothing could ever beat the original, simple beef or chicken burger. And luckily, Jakarta has more than enough burger joints that agree with us on that point.

Burgers Trader is one of the newcomers in the burger joint gang. Parking its red truck in Lippo Mall Puri’s Coffeewalk Area, Burgers Trader is the first  “burger truck” to claim the neighbourhood a home.

The burger place finds its penchant in the classics, such as the timeless cheeseburger and beef-n-bacon burger – namely, the Trader’s Burger that comes with beef patty and beef bacon, doused in Trader’s Sauce. The food truck’s choices of fries are sure not to be missed as well – popular among the crowd is the truffle & garlic fries; after all, what would a burger do without a bowl of fries?

And again, it’s not burger if it’s not messy. Make sure to prepare yourself a box of tissues if you don’t want to get dirty and sticky courtesy of their Trader’s Sauce. Also, remember to give enough attention when gobbling up Chicken Cubano Burger; the coleslaw – sandwiched between the burger’s soft buns and lemon & coriander chicken – can get pretty messy.

In the midst of unconventional styled burger joints in Jakarta, Traders Burger stays faithful with the original. But what’s more important is how it’s been doing the classic kind of burger the right way.