Step into Topside

by Julius Kensan
4th June 2014
Topside shoe polish's practical and luxurious shoe care reliefs men from the headache of caring for one.

Many times, a man usually groom themselves only from head to their ankles, leaving their unfortunate shoes to fend the outdoors elements by itself. Still, the most overlooked detail is usually what makes or breaks a look, especially when it comes to expensive leather shoes. As such, it is pointless to have the financial ability to buy one but zero knowledge in how to care for one.

Topside is a shoe polish shop conveniently located in Plaza Senayan Mall. It provides solution to shiny and well-polished shoes that is at once pragmatic and luxurious. The entire shoe shining process is capped conveniently within 15 minutes. But patrons also can opt to go one step further and drop their shoes off for a complete polish and care.

Topside only uses Saphir shoe cream products – one of the highest-end collections of shoe care products that are made in France, for all their shoe polish. Still, the great thing is, Topside also provide a quick and no fuss polish for those who need a quick shoe shine. Currently, Topside only accepts semi-formal to formal shoes for their shoe shine care.

The establishment only inclusion of male patrons certainly elevates it into a kind of exclusive club. Not to mention, it is also a stylish spot to rest one’s feet while their partners carry on with their lengthy shopping.