Simetri Starts Afresh

by Pingkan Palilingan
10th November 2016
Following the closure of its previous home, Simetri has started afresh with their new two-storey establishment, while keeping their coffee, brunch fares and homey atmosphere intact.

Simetri Coffee Roasters didn’t let the closure of their previous café crush their love of coffee. For the uninitiated, Simetri was previously lodged in one of the housing complex in West Jakarta, until their relocation to the current spot due to an unfortunate incident involving the neighbourhood. After a brief period of absence following the relocation, they finally “resurfaced” again in the form of a two-storey ruko (shophouse), reaping more crowds than they had done before.

It’s quite uncommon for a coffee shop to reserve a whole operation floor only for roastery, but if you’re at Simetri for the coffee – like most people are – entering the first floor alone is enough to awaken the coffee buff in you, especially once the entrance door gives in to a room abundant with the smell of freshly roasted beans.

But don’t be satisfied just yet. Take a flight of stairs up, and you’ll find what really draws visitors to Simetri: cosy and inviting atmosphere that is further amplified by the friendly baristas. The tables and chairs here are placed within earshot, so it’s quite common to have your coffee accompanied by, say, funny stories from the table behind you.

On weekdays the place can be very packed with people, not only because the place is compact, but also because visitors here tend to linger over their coffee and meal. Either they are all slow-eaters by chance or it is, arguably, Simetri’s cosy atmosphere that induces people to prolong their stay. Besides, the food menu is abundant and comprehensive – from nibbles like the truffle-laden Truffle Fries to Western-style brunch fares you rarely chance upon like Pan Egg Chorizo – it seems fair to stay back and try them all, right?

One thing for sure, the shift from Simetri’s previous home has pushed them to buck up their ideas even more. The result? It is not a replica of their old home, but a newer and fresher Simetri, that is standing more solid than ever.