The Dependable Pure Foods Market

by Sandy Indahsari
21st June 2017
Pure Foods Market is a café-grocery hybrid that celebrates healthy lifestyle with the combination of nourishing food and laidback ambience.

Adopting a healthy lifestyle habits is not just about staying active and nurturing your body with the right nutrients, but it’s also about feeling great. Thankfully, health joints are making it much easier for Jakartans to do so, and Pure Foods Market is one of them.
Nestled on the top floor of The Buya in Cipete Raya, Pure Foods Market serves simple yet nourishing dishes will sit well with your taste buds, and most importantly, your body. The menu expresses a coherent philosophy of healthy eating using natural, mostly local and organic ingredients that features dishes such as Mediterranean Bowl (greek and organic quinoa salad) served with falafel and tahini dips.

For smoothie lover, the selections are mostly with bananas – as they offer it in nice cream form (smoothie bowl) too, topped with homemade granola and coconut flakes. Also, a selection of blueberry (Purple Bliss), mixed berries (Red Alert) and chocolate (Chocolate Delight) is ready to be indulge.

The space may be compact but a combination of local and international products that filled the shelves will keep you busy browsing around. From coconut oil, charcoal powder to herbal supplement, these products are carefully selected to encourage and ease your journey to a healthier you.

Since it’s located on the top floor, the best spot is definitely tables by the window, where it overlooks roofs, trees and the busy street below. And if you’re lucky, you’ll get to indulge in the sweet aroma of freshly baked granola. And when the place is not packed, it’s definitely the place to read a book or have a chat with friends while sipping on their turmeric latte in peace.