Goemon, A Home Away from Home

by Julius Kensan
6th March 2014
Goemon provides no-nonsense Japanese cuisine for anyone looking for an authentic taste from the Land of the Rising Sun.

Located in Wisma Kyoei Prince building, Goemon will not be the kind of restaurant where one drop-in casually by chance. In fact, it hides itself in a little corner on the third floor building without much ostentation. But once one plant into their seat in this comfy establishment, it’s easy to tell where Goemon’s muted confidence comes from.

The restaurant is popular mainly with Japanese expatriates who worked in the building. As such, Goemon is possibly the comfort link to home for those Japanese expats who are turning to food to ease their homesickness. Flip into their menu and it is a selection of popular dishes – from Chicken Katsu Curry, Beef Teriyaki Don, Yakitori to Soba, to have hail from the Land of the Rising Sun.

It is unsurprising to be fickle-minded when faced with the broad selections. Fortunately, “Two in One” set is available – where patron is able to pick one mini rice bowl and another mini noodle of their choice, to satisfy their desire of partaking in more than one dish. Also opt for Nigirizushi Mori, a platter of chef-selected sushi, if you’re having trouble deciding the latter. The kneading of the sushi takes place right in front of your eyes if you sit at the counter.

But no matter what the choices are, one will be hard-pressed to be disappointed with the quality of the food in Goemon. After all, the presence of Japanese expats is a seal of approval to the authenticity of the food. The only disappointment imaginable is not getting a seat. Thus, it will be wise to make a reservation especially on the weekend before visiting.