A New Remembrance of Fitzroy

by Julius Kensan
21st March 2014
More than just bringing back memories from Down Under, Fitzroy is a laidback oasis from the unforgiving flurry of Jakarta.

Located at Gunawarman, Fitzroy has been drawing a steady stream of crowds ever since its opening. For some, Fitzroy is an oasis from the unforgiving flurry of Jakarta. For others, it is a spot to evoke or a chance to relive their memories of Melbourne. Don’t be surprised to hear young adult crowds chattering away about Melbourne next to your table.

For the uninitiated, Fitzroy is a suburb area in Melbourne that is home to some of the best cafes and pubs. And the current Fitzroy we’re talking about is a devoted tribute to the one in Down Under. Flip over the menu and there are lists of food that are named after Melbourne’s most popular establishments to date, like Lord of Fries, Tripping Taco and The Jam Factory. In Fitzroy, they adjusted most of those well-known fare from Melbourne to suit most Indonesians’ palate. To wit, in Mr. Moo’s Gyu Tan Don, the tender ox tongue is sweeter compared to the original. Opt for Brother Baba Burger – hot melting cheese stuffed in beef meat patty, if you’re in the mood for something heavy and messy.

The establishment’s relaxing bohemian atmosphere is tempered with a slight industrial element that easily switches the mood of a café to a bar. The alcoholic drinks selection in Fitzroy is something that takes more than one visit in order to attempt them all. After all, at the back of the drink menu, it says, “If you can read this, flip over and drink somemore.” If you’re looking to share, Fitzroy’s very own “Shabu Shabu cocktail”, Friends of Mine – cocktail that comes in chunks of watermelon, strawberry and melon, is a great remedy to keep the conversation coherent throughout the night.

For those who are devout Melbournians in spirit, Fitzroy may not hit close to the actual taste of Melbourne. Still, it’s important to keep in mind that this Fitzroy resides in Jakarta and not in Melbourne. So, it’s unfair to accuse them of being all bark and no bite. But then again, their mascot is a dingo. And dingoes don’t bark, they howl.