Tea Blends for the Gloomy Weather

Tea Blends for the Gloomy Weather

Turning to tea during gloomy days is one of life’s simple pleasures. We ask noted local brands on their choices of tea blends and ...

Food & Drink

The Airy Titik Temu Cipete

In The Kitchen with Ramon Medina

Pelaspas Nipah Sets Ground

On to a Second One with % Arab...

All-Day Delight at Bartisserie

The Sweetness That Awaits at Sate Kambing Pak H. Bejo

The Sweetness That Awaits at Sate Kambing Pak H. Bejo

After nearly 50 years of trade in Solo, Sate Kambing Pak H. Bejo finally arrives in Jakarta where its satays and specialties depic...


The Authentic Warung Pecak Pak...

A Bowl of Bakmie Sui-Sen

The Meek Bakmi A Boen

Order Up for Nasi Goreng Gila ...

A Serving of Asli Mie Keriting...

Upcoming Events

A KODA Finale

A KODA Finale

Helmed by mixologist Yutaka Nakashima, the experience of bespoke hand-concocted cocktails makes KODA, a speakeasy bar in Sudirman,...


Lingering at Black Pond Tavern

Take Your Seat at Letterpress ...

Slow Down Easylee

The New Wave of Nightlife

The Duck Down Pizza Party

Threadapeutic: Upcycling the Imperfect

Threadapeutic: Upcycling the Imperfect

At Threadapeutic, sustainability is all about prolonging the life cycle of fashion waste by upcycling discarded fabric and offcuts...


RiaMiranda 8th Annual Show 2021

JFW 2021: Sejauh Mata Memandan...

JFW 2021: Yosafat Dwi Kurniawa...

JFW 2021: Tities Sapoetra, Jen...

JFW 2021: Wilsen Willim, AMOTS...

The Old Soul of Petak Enam

The Old Soul of Petak Enam

Seated on the mainstreet of Pancoran in Glodok, Petak Enam echoes the heartbeat of Jakarta's Chinatown in a lifestyle compound tha...


Welcome to Taka House

Manual Pick: Jigsaw Puzzles

Into the Present with Footurama

Into the New ASHTA World

A Retrospective of Indonesia’s...


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