All Aboard the One Fifteenth (Kemang)

All Aboard the One Fifteenth (Kemang)

The revered café has arrived in Kemang where it retains the familiar One Fifteenth vibe in a minimalist and monochromatic venue.

Food & Drink

Settle Down at Brew & Wood

Claypot Popo for The Soul

A Nightout at Vong Kitchen

Zen Dining at Okuzono

Coffee Samakamu

The Versatile Kari Tabona

The Versatile Kari Tabona

An offshoot of the famous Medan eatery, Rumah Makan Tabona delivers the signature curry dish that has stood the test of time over ...


Morning at Bakmi Ami

Hawker Chan’s World Cheapest M...

Ming Fa’s Affable Noodles

The Unsung Sop Buntut Cut Meutia

Hearty Breakfast at Bakmi Asui

Upcoming Events

Agung Prabowo and The Old Man

Agung Prabowo and The Old Man

Returning home for two days of bar take over at Four Seasons Hotel, Agung Prabowo of the famous The Old Man in Hong Kong talks abo...


Escape to HAVANA

A Beer Hall for All

Up Above with Henshin

Take a Sip in Dirty Laundry

A Makeover at Parc19

A Motherland Touch at Ruko Roxy Mas E2/30

A Motherland Touch at Ruko Roxy Mas E2/30

Ruko Roxy Mas E2/30 unfolds like a cabinet of curiosities where its owner, Felicia Budi of fbudi, highlights modest yet impactful ...


Plaza Indonesia Fashion Week 2...

TANGAN Spring/Summer 2018

Hermès Heritage: Rouges Hermès

Street Style Series: Kemang

The Debut of O by Oscar Lawalata

“Namaku, Pram” Catatan & Arsip

“Namaku, Pram” Catatan & Arsip

"Namaku Pram" Catatan & Arsip is a detailed exhibition into the personal life of one of the country's prominent literary figures, ...


Jakarta Coffee Exchange: BMW I...

Free Fall Exhibition by Vaness...

Something About Rayssa Dynta

The xx: “I See You” Tour 2018 ...

Into The Mall


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