HASEA Eatery’s Take on Comfort

HASEA Eatery’s Take on Comfort

Serving up scrummy Western comfort food within a friendly ambience, HASEA Eatery provides a good reason why you should check-out B...

Food & Drink

The New Homely Goni Coffee

Convivial Time at UNION Café’s...

The Return of SRSLY

Hakka Affair at Wong Fu Kie

South Jakarta Welcomes Ombé Ko...

A Taste of Surabaya at Kantin Blauran

A Taste of Surabaya at Kantin Blauran

Giving a glimpse of Surabayan local cuisine, Kantin Blauran serves familiar dishes such as their sought-after rawon and rujak cing...


The Versatile Kari Tabona

Morning at Bakmi Ami

Ming Fa’s Affable Noodles

The Unsung Sop Buntut Cut Meutia

Hearty Breakfast at Bakmi Asui

Upcoming Events

An Evening at Roosevelt

An Evening at Roosevelt

With a handsome venue and a fine selection of grilled steaks and alcoholic beverages, Roosevelt welcomes anyone who’s in for a goo...


Agung Prabowo and The Old Man

Escape to HAVANA

A Beer Hall for All

Up Above with Henshin

Take a Sip in Dirty Laundry

The Little Glass House

The Little Glass House

The Papilion presents The Little Glass House, a pop-up store by the luxury multi-label boutique, which features pieces from covete...


The Debut of L’on Studio

Biyan Spring/Summer 2019

Raito 2018 Collection: SŌGŪ, e...

A Motherland Touch at Ruko Rox...

Plaza Indonesia Fashion Week 2...

All Things Coffee at Otten Coffee

All Things Coffee at Otten Coffee

Be it home-brewing equipment or handsome espresso machines, Otten Coffee’s offline store in Senopati houses an exhaustive catalogu...


Inside ONNI House

Hanafi x Goenawan Mohamad “57×...

Manual Jakarta Print Issue No. 2

Asmat Melihat Dunia

Unearthing Artisanal Goods at ...


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