Bake it Good at BEAU Bakery

Bake it Good at BEAU Bakery

BEAU Bakery branches to Panglima Polim where classic artisanal pastries are served fresh from the oven, and items like Ayam Geprek...

Food & Drink

Get Your Kyuri Bowl

Ciao, Osteria Gia!

A Treat from Gelato Secrets

Shop Consciously at The Bulkst...

A Savior at Pakubuwono

The Warmth of Soto Mie Kota Udang

The Warmth of Soto Mie Kota Udang

From a pikulan, to a streetside tent, then now in a repurposed home garage, Soto Mie Kota Udang has single-handedly survived on se...


The Comfort of Nasi Tim Ayauw

The Unfailing Delicacy of Ayam...

A Classic Gado-Gado at Bon Bin

Spoilt For Choice at Nasi Uduk...

A Timeless Tale at Soto Betawi...

Upcoming Events

The New Wave of Nightlife

The New Wave of Nightlife

Good drinks, curated music, intimate parties, and karaoke nights, the arrival of new bars has redefined the landscape of Jakarta’s...


The Duck Down Pizza Party

Live the Disco at Ding Dong Di...

Up in Awan Lounge

A Sip of Arrack & Spice

At the ZODIAC House

Manual Jakarta x bits & bobs: The City Tote

Manual Jakarta x bits & bobs: The City Tote

In this exclusive collaboration with bits & bobs, we have launched The City Tote, a collection of bags and stationery as a tribute...



Shop Your Way Around Masari

Behind The Seams with Chitra S...

Sapto Djojokartiko Marches Ahead

Female in Focus with Major Min...

Opinion: No “Washy”, No “Touchy”

Opinion: No “Washy”, No “Touchy”

No, our Editor-in-Chief Julius Kensan is not giving an account of his encounter with a streetwalker, but rather the prevailing hab...


Manual Excursion: Ereveld Ment...

LiftOFF: Studiorama x NTS Radio

Manual Jakarta Print Issue No. 4

Future Design Week at Desa Pot...

Manual Excursion: MRT Jakarta


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