Mellow Out at Yamalu

Mellow Out at Yamalu

Encased in a quaint glasshouse complete with a large backyard, the Bintaro-based YAMALU invites visitors to shy away from the city...

Food & Drink

Jakarta Coffee Manual 2018

Welcome Home to Copper Club

In the Kitchen with Chef Adity...

Taste of Travel: Yogyakarta

Taste of Travel: Surabaya

Spoilt For Choice at Nasi Uduk Ibu Jum

Spoilt For Choice at Nasi Uduk Ibu Jum

Be prepared to be overwhelmed at Nasi Uduk Ibu Jum. The eatery’s claim to fame is its broad assortments of side dishes that aren’t...


A Timeless Tale at Soto Betawi...

The Perennial Nasi Ulam Misdjaya

A Taste of Surabaya at Kantin ...

The Versatile Kari Tabona

Morning at Bakmi Ami

Upcoming Events

Dive Down to Duck Down Bar

Dive Down to Duck Down Bar

Concealed under the SOHO Building in the Senopati area, all bets are off at the American dive-bar inspired Duck Down Bar where cro...


An Evening at Roosevelt

Agung Prabowo and The Old Man

Escape to HAVANA

A Beer Hall for All

Up Above with Henshin

The Little Glass House

The Little Glass House

The Papilion presents The Little Glass House, a pop-up store by the luxury multi-label boutique, which features pieces from covete...


The Debut of L’on Studio

Biyan Spring/Summer 2019

Raito 2018 Collection: SŌGŪ, e...

A Motherland Touch at Ruko Rox...

Plaza Indonesia Fashion Week 2...

Manual Excursion: Lapangan Banteng

Manual Excursion: Lapangan Banteng

Our next Manual Excursion brought our feet to the newly revitalised Lapangan Banteng where history and recreation are merged into ...


Behind the Viewfinder: Chris B...

Manual Pick: Metal Straw

Jakarta’s Street Food Story ...

Juliet Burnett: Heart of Dance

Indonesia Semangat Dunia


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