Truthfully Yours at Kopi Kalyan

Truthfully Yours at Kopi Kalyan

Kopi Kalyan branches out to the bustling neighbourhood of Barito where they boast their friendliness and cup o' joes with a menu o...

Food & Drink



Bali Coffee Manual 2018

Swear on DEMIE Bakmie

The (Coffee) SMITH Reaches Gan...

A Classic Gado-Gado at Bon Bin

A Classic Gado-Gado at Bon Bin

Since 1960, Gado-Gado Bon Bin has served up the Jakartan street food staple right in the heart of Cikini, where everyone’s favouri...


Spoilt For Choice at Nasi Uduk...

A Timeless Tale at Soto Betawi...

The Perennial Nasi Ulam Misdjaya

A Taste of Surabaya at Kantin ...

The Versatile Kari Tabona

Upcoming Events

Dive Down to Duck Down Bar

Dive Down to Duck Down Bar

Concealed under the SOHO Building in the Senopati area, all bets are off at the American dive-bar inspired Duck Down Bar where cro...


An Evening at Roosevelt

Agung Prabowo and The Old Man

Escape to HAVANA

A Beer Hall for All

Up Above with Henshin

Jakarta Fashion Week 2019: Dewi Fashion Knight

Jakarta Fashion Week 2019: Dewi Fashion Knight

Sejauh Mata Memandang, Byo, Sean Sheila and Rinaldy Yunardi concluded Jakarta Fashion Week as this year’s Dewi Fashion Knight.


Jakarta Fashion Week 2019: Rin...

Louis Vuitton: Time Capsule Ex...

Jakarta Fashion Week 2019: Lek...

Jakarta Fashion Week 2019: byv...

On the Label: DIBBA

Overcoming Waves with Neonomora

Overcoming Waves with Neonomora

Recording artist Ratih Suryahutamy of Neonomora opens up about being bullied back in high school and how tragedies after tragedies...


Wave of Tomorrow

Manual Excursion: Arumdalu Farm

A Meditation on Pottery with A...

Manual Excursion: Perpustakaan...

A Matter of Design: samakamu


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