4th May 2015
Sometimes cracking your brain over a meal is unnecessary. Parc19 is that one default spot you can count on for a decent dinner with party thrown in for good measure.

There’s definitely no lack of hangout spots in Kemang. Whenever you take a turn, there bound to be establishment waiting to catch your attention. While Parc19 is located in Kemang, its location in Taman Kemang means it’s easy to pass by without noticing it.

But one can’t judge a place simply from its ability to shout for attention. For what really matter most is the inside.

One glance at the place and you sense that this is the kind of spot where regular patrons frequent it rather than some random customers who wander in by mistake. The expansive dining area, including an outdoor space, suggests that there are a few spots which regular patrons, probably, have marked as their favourite.

The menu offers a variety of quintessential options from the west (pizza, pasta and even Cuban sandwich) and Asia (lamb briyani and Balinese crispy duck). But if you’re looking for a jolt from the usual, alternative like Ginger Honey panna cotta or Toblerone chocolate martini is just an order away.

Food and drinks aside, Parc19 is really about providing a familiar spot for nightly hangout. Drop in on any night, even on Monday, and chances are there will be a party going on right at the back of the establishment.

Simply put, if you dislike cracking your brain thinking of where to grab your dinner with party thrown in for good measure then Parc19 will naturally be that spot you’d tend to gravitate towards.