Through Seven Speed

by Juan Anthony and Pingkan Palilingan
13th January 2017
Seven Speed caters to bicycle and skateboard enthusiasts by boosting their adrenaline with a kick of caffeine.

Coffee and bicycle go all the way back. It’s not unusual to encounter a dedicated coffee shop for cyclists, even in a city like Jakarta that is, frankly, not quite bike-friendly. Seven Speed Coffee spells “bicycle” even from its moniker alone. Located in Abdul Majid Raya Street, which is just a turn away from Antasari Road, Seven Speed could very well be the transit point for cyclists and skaters alike in the area.

The level of enthusiasm towards the sports goes all the way from incorporating bicycle and skateboard elements into its interior –  bicycle’s curvaceous drop bar serves as the door handle, menu emblazoned on a wooden skateboard, cruiser board and a BMX propped vertically against the wall – to opting for Faema espresso machine, a brand that has long been known for sponsoring numerous cycling teams. These are, undoubtedly, pure catnip for a cyclist and his ilk.

The small scale of the space as well as the continuous flow of customers hint at the fact that it’s not the type of spot for one to linger long but as a brief respite instead. Backing this concept up, the menu options are limited to coffee (beans by Smoking Barrels), pastries and Seven Speed-style sandwiches, with toppings that remind one of home: PB & J, Nutella Banana, Pulled Chicken, Corn and Cheese.

Seven Speed no doubt appeals to all kinds of visitors, but there is no surprise as to who their loyal regulars would be. And it’s no small feat for a newly established neighbourhood coffee shop like Seven Speed. Godspeed, indeed.