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Clams, Clams and More Clams

With portion that comes in kilos, Kerang Kiloan Pak Rudi's generous servings of clams and mussels are made for those who love to indulge in shellfish wi... Read more

6 Ounces: The Art of Balancing

6 Ounces keeps its patrons satiated with its coffee, good food and good company. Expect to spend long hours in this friendly neighbourhood joint in Kelapa Ga... Read more

Building a Home with Linoluna

First introduced as an online store, Linoluna is finally settling down with its first brick-and-mortar store in Kemang Village to continue their love for aff... Read more

Crematology’s Second Statement

Quick to rival their first branch in both design and quality, Crematology’s second home is making a name for itself as the neighbourhood favourite for the... Read more

Go Ahead Challenge Artwarding Night

Go Ahead Challenge reaches its peak this Saturday with its Artwarding Night, where the five-month-long art competition ends with a bang through a series of w... Read more

All Hail The Queens Head

The new restaurant-cum-bar Queens Head is carving its way slowly but surely in Kemang through its unorthodox, molecular Western-Indonesian fusion. Read more

Kopi Pasar’s Coffee for Everyone

With A Bunch of Caffeine Dealers and Bear & Co. as the masterminds behind Kopi Pasar, the coffee joint is providing one of the most affordable specialty... Read more

Too Cool for School

The new resident of Senopati, Darling Rice Club, is a canteen-like place with home-style Indonesian food and good tunes that are too cool for school.
Read more

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