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Catalyst Art Market Volume 4

Catalyst Art Market came back with a greater spirit to embrace our country's young talents. Here's a recap of what went through on Catalyst Art Mar... Read more

Soupanova Ecosky’s Up Above Hideout

Soupanova Ecosky presents an equally riveting alternative to spend a nighttime far from the city, while simultaneously still gazing at one from high above. Read more

G’day Mate: Coverage and Interview

A quick coverage on G’day Mate concert last night and interview with The Jungle Giants.
Read more

Manual Infographic: Types of Bakso

Out of our love for street food, we have compiled ten most popular Indonesian meatballs – or as we like to call it, bakso – into one eye-catching infogra... Read more

BART, The Bartender Up Above

Located at the seventh floor of Artotel Hotel, BART is a place where you can laugh at the traffic gridlock below with a cocktail in one hand against the back... Read more

Let’s Ling Ling Up

Ling Ling gives traditional Chinese cuisine a makeover with a modern twist through their stylish ambience and, of course, very palatable dishes. Read more

A Preview to G’day Mate: Neonomora and Elephant Kind

In anticipation towards welcoming G’day Mate, a concert-cum-gathering for former Australian residents and friends, we talked with two rising local bands, N... Read more

Ombé Kofie: Affable Friend in The North

Ombé Kofie’s fine coffee and amiable character are pure evidence how a café can be your best buddy from time to time.
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