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Kelas Pagi: Dinas Pariwisata Jakarta

The photography lesson founded by the famed Anton Ismael, Kelas Pagi, celebrates the works of its ninth graduating class with a photo exhibition titled Dinas... Read more

In the Studio with Toton Januar

We talk to the easy-going designer, Toton Januar, on being nominated for the prestigious International Woolmark Prize as well as his relationship with the bi... Read more

Snugging It Out at Fillmore

Hidden within the compound of a private residence, a break in Fillmore easily extends to hour-long stay thanks to its snug attribute and, of course, coffee. Read more

INHYPE: Offline

Catering to fashion and lifestyle enthusiasts, launched an offline effort through INHYPE: Offline to showcase the works of local creatives. Read more

Dia.Lo.Gue Smart Dialogue #10: Seek-A-Seek Exhibition

The tenth instalment of Dia.Lo.Gue Smart Dialogue features an exhibition that puts the spotlight on the diverse works of graphic design by local creative min... Read more

On the Label: Phantasma*Studio

On The Label is a series where we place the spotlight on various local fashion labels through a brief and digestible introduction. Now we shift our gaze to P... Read more

Exploring Full Course Dinner the IKEA Way

Shifting our gaze to something that is rarely discussed, we consider the no-fuss charm of IKEA’s restaurant, where they've got it all covered from lig... Read more

Nala Expands to Gading Serpong

Nala Coffee expands its calm Nordic appeal all the way to Serpong, where they serve their coffee in a monochromatic sanctuary that you'd love to frequen... Read more

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