Jakarta Coffee Manual 2016

Jakarta Coffee Manual 2016

We are happy to announce that the third instalment of Jakarta Coffee Manual has finally launched. Have yourself a coffee pilgrimag...

Food & Drink

Fast and Healthy Burgreens Exp...

Crematology Enters Cipete Raya

The Monks of Kelapa Gading

Tanamera Makes its Mark in PIK

Getting Intimate with Kopi Kec...

Feasting on Tahu Pong Semarang

Feasting on Tahu Pong Semarang

For more than thirty years by the busy road of Hayam Wuruk, Tahu Pong Semarang still serves what it does best: soft and crunchy ho...


Jamu Remedy at Bukti Mentjos

Bakmi Wong’s Funky Charm

The Long Wait for Bubur Angke ...

Go Eatlah!

Just Eatlah

Upcoming Events

Night Out with Hatchi

Night Out with Hatchi

Hatchi easily switches from day to night with a menu that traverses several cuisines at once as well as music sessions that groove...


The New Lucy in the Sky

Basque: Another Face of Tapas

Those Who Own the Night (Part ...

Those Who Own the Night (Part ...

Our Lady of Lola

Past Future Sense at Footurama

Past Future Sense at Footurama

The new headquarter of Footurama now boasts not only pre-loved fashion items and their in-house clothing label, FFF, but also a co...


All New 707

IPMI Trend Show 2017

JFW 2017: Dewi Fashion Knights

JFW 2017: TOTON and Patrick Ow...

JFW 2017: Peggy Hartanto, MAJO...

Living Slow at Indoestri Day 5

Living Slow at Indoestri Day 5

Indoestri Day returned for its fifth time, bringing forward the spirit of Slow Living through a range of workshops and their highl...


A Quick Trim at rumahcukur

Indonesian Contemporary Art &#...

Jati Diri: Periskop Seni Rupa ...

A Dialogue with the Senses

Salihara International Perform...


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