Back in Time with Tugu Kunstkring Paleis

Back in Time with Tugu Kunstkring Paleis

Housed in a historical building, the imposing colonial aura of Tugu Kunstkring Paleis is balanced out with their offerings of fami...

Food & Drink

Plataran Menteng

Common Grounds at Neo Soho

Brunch Session at Port Five Si...

Fast Slow Food by Burgreens Pa...

Dua Coffee’s New, Spacio...

Hearty Breakfast at Bakmi Asui

Hearty Breakfast at Bakmi Asui

For nearly two decades, Bakmi Asui has consistently served bountiful bowls of chicken noodle for the neighbourhood of Tanjung Dure...


Come and Eatlah

Keeping Warm at Saung Bandung

Feasting on Tahu Pong Semarang

Jamu Remedy at Bukti Mentjos

The Long Wait for Bubur Angke ...

Upcoming Events

Stay Golden at Goldstein

Stay Golden at Goldstein

A speakeasy bar beneath LEÓN, Goldstein is made for those who gravitate towards a sophisticated night out over well-crafted cockt...


An Evening in LEÓN

Night Out with Hatchi

The New Lucy in the Sky

Basque: Another Face of Tapas

Those Who Own the Night (Part ...

The 10 Rules by Toton Januar

The 10 Rules by Toton Januar

In the first installment of The 10 Rules series, we turn to designer, Toton Januar on the ten fashion style rules to live by.


Fashion Story: Plastic Parade

Na.in.i Pop-Up

The GOODS Dept. SS17: Rabbel-R...

On the Label: Noki

IKAT/eCUT: From Fast Fashion t...

Europe On Screen 2017

Europe On Screen 2017

Europe On Screen is back again this year, featuring a total of 74 films by acclaimed directors from Europe.


Pineapple x Kopi Kalyan

Sejauh Mata Memandang’s ‘J...

Engaging Between The Lines

The Second Episode of Y : Coll...

The Right Occasion at Kembang ...


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