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Kelly’s Expands Its Offline Presence

Kelly's The Wrapping Paper Company expands its presence through the arrival of its first physical shop in Daan Mogot, where it boasts more objects of de... Read more

Guilt-Free Pleasure at Epigastro

With the convenience of a gym upstairs, the easy, informal food with a healthy twist by Epigastro makes eating healthy both indulgent and effortless. Read more

Slow Morning at Levant

Morning spent in Levant Boulangerie and Patisserie is morning well-spent as their assortments of freshly baked fruit tarts, croissants and quiches offers a m... Read more

A Session with Studio Dasar: SUB Architecture Studio

A Session with Studio Dasar is a series that showcases curated architectural highlights in Jakarta and its surroundings, with the guide of architect Danny Wi... Read more

Just Eatlah

Serving only one dish on the menu, Eatlah makes sure the modest salted egg chicken gets the right attention that it deserves.

Read more

On the Label: Sejauh Mata Memandang

On The Label is a series where we place the spotlight on various local fashion labels through a brief and digestible introduction. This week we cast our eyes... Read more

AMBA/TITIK: The Timeless Appeal of Batik Tulis

Showcasing authentic batik tulis by local batik artisans, AMBA/TITIK by Button & Butter ensures the appreciation towards our country's valuable arti... Read more

Classically Dutch: Moorkop Recipe with Pastry Chef Robin Hoedjes

On his recent visit to Jakarta, Chef Robin Hoedjes, the Executive Pastry Chef of the famed Dutch patisserie, Huize van Wely, shared with us the recipe to whi... Read more

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