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Get Your Cravings Fixed IND.USTRIE’s Way

If you’re worry about where to get a caffeine fix in one of your uninspired mornings, don’t fret, IND.USTRIE knows how to tame your cravings.
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Creative Feats on 2nd Indoestri Day

Indoestri Makerspace, with its self-made spirit, opened its doors for the second time last weekend, inviting the artistic bunch to immerse themselves in the... Read more

The Curious Case of Coworking Space

The sudden rise of coworking space in our city puts forward a question: what is it exactly? From the whats to the hows of a coworking space, we have it cover... Read more

Plaza Indonesia Fashion Week 2015: Day 5

In search of identity. Show coverage and short review from Major Minor, Hunting Fields, Yosafat Dwi Kurniawan and Rinda Salmun. Read more

A Voyage to Jet Ski Cafe

Jetski Cafe offers a place of hermitage with seaside breeze to match on the north coast of Jakarta. Read more

2nd Indoestri Day: Made in Indoestri

Indoestri returns with the 2nd Indoestri Day, this time empowering more independent creatives to dedicate their talents for the community.
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Plaza Indonesia Fashion Week 2015: Day 1 & 2

Brands played it safe on the first two days of PIFW. Show coverage and short review from Sebastian Red, Halston Heritage, Les (Art)Ists, (X)S.M.L and Adidas... Read more

Gelato Goodness at Milkbar

It's hard not to evoke fond memories when faced with colourful varieties of gelato, and Milkbar is ready to take you down that memory lane. Read more

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