Right in Shophaus Menteng

by Inas Syadzwina, Juan Anthony, Julius Kensan and Pingkan Palilingan
19th January 2017
The new lifestyle joint Shophaus Menteng combines all your favourite things under one roof: from coffee and pastry, to gelato and smoothie bowl, plus beauty services thrown in for good measure.

Born and bred with an easy access to malls, young crowds of Jakarta have come to a point where they hanker for something original than just the banal strips of shops in an enclosed space.

Cue Shophaus, a new lifestyle-oriented establishment sitting strategically in the neighbourhood of Menteng, that houses seven residents under its roof: from F&B tenants to hair and beauty services. Resembling an arcade that is built upon a communal spirit, Shophaus’ occupants complement each other with ease and is quickly becoming the “It” destination in the heart of Central Jakarta.

Gelato Secrets

For those who are craving for sweet, cold treats, look no further than Gelato Secrets, whom first greets patrons as they step into Shophaus. Based in Bali, the gelateria features Italian gelato and sorbet that are fused with Indonesian flavours, all homemade with a recipe that is made up of locally-sourced natural ingredients.

Take bamboo charcoal for example; a mixture of organic vanilla beans (sourced from Sulawesi) and bamboo (from Ubud) that will give way to a unique vanilla taste with a sandy-like texture in your mouth. Other flavours that are also worthy of mention are the coffee gelato (using Arabica beans from Toraja) and fruit sorbets, which range from durian to passionfruit (both from Medan).

It doesn’t stop there; it’s a huge relief to know that the gelato you’re enjoying is, also, dairy-free. Perhaps this is why it is comfortably set at the front part of the joint, with a special mission to whet your appetite before tasting other treats Shophaus has to offer and then, to clean your palate at the end of the tour. Thank God they’re guilt-free.


No longer holed up in its first home in Bintaro, Pigeonhole has started a second chapter in Shophaus Menteng. Regulars who are well acquainted with this coffee shop would be glad to know that not much has changed except for the space, which is much smaller compared to its predecessor.

However, what they lack in space is made up by the various options of food you can pair your coffee (beans roasted by in-house roastery, Mother Pigeons) with from its neighbours: Gelato Secrets, Namelaka and Berywell. Besides, being compact can be count as an advantage — it allows more exchange between you and the barista.

Depending on your preference, this second chapter of Pigeonhole seems to cater to those who don’t mind their cup of joe with a rather chatty crowd. But then again, the main draw of this branch is, simply, because one is not there for Pigeonhole alone.


Previously serving desserts tandem with Turning Point in Gading Serpong, Namelaka has stepped up its game by having its own branch in Shophaus Menteng. Situated comfortably at the midpoint of the first floor of the joint, it is hard not to take notice of the bright white signage of Namelaka. However, with only a small minimalist showcase and a cashier, many may not directly pinpoint what sort of delicate sweets are served in this compact little patisserie.

The straightforward and monochrome interior (and the employees’ uniforms too, in fact) not only gives the colourful and decorative choux pastries the spotlight, but they also dispenses an effortlessly urbane statement. Entering Namelaka, you will notice rows of neatly arranged choux that are ready to be devoured, from exotic flavours such as sticky date and butterscotch to classics like salted caramel. Have a go for the assortments served with their choice of tea — the ideal pair to luxuriate yourself in a kicked-back afternoon tea.

Now Namelaka admirers domiciled in Jakarta need not to worry about the fluster of going the distance, as its strategically located joint can fulfil the urge to savour a vast selection of creamy choux without any hassle.


In Shophaus, Berrywell serves as the perfect spot to satisfy the sweet tooths the healthy way; that is, without having to take the burden of burning thousands of calories worth of sugar and fat. Enjoy its freshly made low-cal smoothie bowls with choices like the sweet and creamy PB and B or the more summery Pina Colada, and you’ll find yourself filled without guilt.

Although renowned for its refreshing and vibrant superfood bowls, the selection of healthy treats served extends from a vivid polychromatic collection of cold pressed juice, to no-sugar cakes as well as nourishing healthy wraps. Step foot into the minimally designed healthy bar, and be welcomed with a fruity banana scent of its smoothie base — a friendly greeting to the wholesome goodness you will be receiving.

Most of the time, when thrown with the concept of healthy diet, the idea is automatically associated with the word “expensive”. Take example of the fashionable chia seeds, imported Brazilian acai, and the sophisticated cold press technology – their extravagant prices would most likely discourage. Fret not, in Berrywell, the route towards a healthier you will be complemented with a satisfying affordability.

The Roots

We’ve seen barbershop-coffee team before, but what about an all-inclusive barbershop-coffee-gelato-pastry-smoothie bowl joint? Amongst all the food stalls in Shophaus Menteng, there’s The Roots barbershop that is responsible in keeping Shophaus’ male clienteles dapper.

This is their second branch in Jakarta after Tebet, with other eight branches spread across Indonesia. Claiming themselves as the barbershop that offers traditional men’s grooming service, The Roots preserves the traditional hair-cutting methods combined with modern barbering tools.

The Roots, with its warm wooden interior, feels different from its counterparts in Shophaus. Apart from its fit-outs that carry vintage undertones, the service offered also reflects their traditional barbershop identity, as stressed by the sentence “old-school but never old-fashioned” that is written on the bottom part of the list of service. Now that the grooming part is done, all that’s left is to tour its neighbours and satisfy your rumbling tummy.


Previously located in Pondok Indah and serving food with the concept of “fine dining on a dime”, the new Mockingbird in Shophaus Menteng has decidedly changed its concept. No longer does one need to make an early reservation at Mockingbird, for the establishment has swapped its fine dining approach with the spirit of a casual bistro.

Menu wise, the establishment puts an emphasis on their steak, which comes in a handful of “styles”. The European Style, for instance, pairs the steak with potato gratin and portobello & champignon mushroom reduction. On the other hand, diners with Asian palate tend to settle for the Japanese Style, which marries the steak with ponzu sauce and seaweed.

When the afternoon rolls to evening, that’s the time when the restaurant welcomes most of its crowd, who vie for the al fresco seats. Come early to score the best seat and treat yourself to Mockingbird’s classic cocktails, then lose yourself in the summer-nights vibe of Jakarta.

Shophaus Menteng

Jl. Teuku Cik Ditiro No. 36

Everyday: 10am-10pm

t: +62 21 22393252

e: info@shophaus.id

w: www.shophaus.space