8th December 2015
Unlike the modest characteristics that the name suggests, the latest third-wave café in Bintaro, Pigeonhole, is a roomy and warm nest for coffee devotees.

When you hear a café named Pigeonhole, the first thought that pops up would be an unassumingly dainty café, perched deep in an unknown street. But Pigeonhole is nothing like a bird coop. It is bold, playful and roomier than your average pigeonhole, but is definitely as snug as the latter is known for.

Pigeonhole adds up the potentially growing list of third-wave café in Bintaro, an area noted for housing local label boutiques (or known as distro). Positioned next to Main Main children playground on Bintaro Utara bustling road, coupled with an inviting yellow door and a whimsical mural, Pigeonhole doesn’t have to shout louder for attention.

Coffee wise, Pigeonhole claims that they are pretty strict with coffee. Upon entering through their yellow portal, a “No Smoking” sign comes with an explanation that the smoke will undermine the taste of  coffee (apparently, the beans absorb in the smoke). Inside, another sign encourages patrons to “appreciate the natural sweetness of coffee” by refraining from adding sugar into their coffee “without at least having a first sip of the original”.

Though they are particularly strict with coffee, there’s no need to worry you’ll be scorned at for asking what a piccolo is. Simply ask the barista what the specials today, and they’re happy to walk you through their very own Déjà Vu house blend – a  fusion of acidity and sweetness (Malabar Mountain natural and honey processed blend, with beans supplied from Smoking Barrels) – and guest beans from various roasters. For non-coffee drinkers, request Pigeonhole to fix you up with their hot chocolate; the lavish amount of floating marshmallow is the ultimate drawcard.

Well, if an image of a pigeon coop was something you had in your mind, then Pigeonhole would take you by surprise. With the rise of third-wave café in Bintaro, no doubt there would be more coffee devotees flocking into this area for a good ol’ cup of joe.