Berrywell (Menteng)

19th January 2017
The popular smoothie bowl joint doesn’t need an introduction. Berywell has opened its third chapter in Shophaus Menteng.

In Shophaus, Berrywell serves as the perfect spot to satisfy the sweet tooths the healthy way; that is, without having to take the burden of burning thousands of calories worth of sugar and fat. Enjoy its freshly made low-cal smoothie bowls with choices like the sweet and creamy PB and B or the more summery Pina Colada, and you’ll find yourself filled without guilt.

Although renowned for its refreshing and vibrant superfood bowls, the selection of healthy treats served extends from a vivid polychromatic collection of cold pressed juice, to no-sugar cakes as well as nourishing healthy wraps. Step foot into the minimally designed healthy bar, and be welcomed with a fruity banana scent of its smoothie base — a friendly greeting to the wholesome goodness you will be receiving.

Most of the time, when thrown with the concept of healthy diet, the idea is automatically associated with the word “expensive”. Take example of the fashionable chia seeds, imported Brazilian acai, and the sophisticated cold press technology – their extravagant prices would most likely discourage. Fret not, in Berrywell, the route towards a healthier you will be complemented with a satisfying affordability.