The Roots

19th January 2017
Amidst popular food stalls in Shophaus, The Roots carries the job of men’s grooming dutifully.

We’ve seen barbershop-coffee team before, but what about an all-inclusive barbershop-coffee-gelato-pastry-smoothie bowl joint? Amongst all the food stalls in Shophaus Menteng, there’s The Roots barbershop that is responsible in keeping Shophaus’ male clienteles dapper.

This is their second branch in Jakarta after Tebet, with other eight branches spread across Indonesia. Claiming themselves as the barbershop that offers traditional men’s grooming service, The Roots preserves the traditional hair-cutting methods combined with modern barbering tools.

The Roots, with its warm wooden interior, feels different from its counterparts in Shophaus. Apart from its fit-outs that carry vintage undertones, the service offered also reflects their traditional barbershop identity, as stressed by the sentence “old-school but never old-fashioned” that is written on the bottom part of the list of service. Now that the grooming part is done, all that’s left is to tour its neighbours and satisfy your rumbling tummy.