19th January 2017
Meaning “creamy texture” in Japanese, Namelaka’s first store in Shophaus serves dainty choux pastry that befits its name.

Previously serving desserts tandem with Turning Point in Gading Serpong, Namelaka has stepped up its game by having its own branch in Shophaus Menteng. Situated comfortably at the midpoint of the first floor of the joint, it is hard not to take notice of the bright white signage of Namelaka. However, with only a small minimalist showcase and a cashier, many may not directly pinpoint what sort of delicate sweets are served in this compact little patisserie.

The straightforward and monochrome interior (and the employees’ uniforms too, in fact) not only gives the colourful and decorative choux pastries the spotlight, but they also dispenses an effortlessly urbane statement. Entering Namelaka, you will notice rows of neatly arranged choux that are ready to be devoured, from exotic flavours such as sticky date and butterscotch to classics like salted caramel. Have a go for the assortments served with their choice of tea — the ideal pair to luxuriate yourself in a kicked-back afternoon tea.

Now Namelaka admirers domiciled in Jakarta need not to worry about the fluster of going the distance, as its strategically located joint can fulfil the urge to savour a vast selection of creamy choux without any hassle.