Gelato Secrets

19th January 2017
Utilising Indonesia’s natural produce, the Bali-based Gelato Secrets greets patrons of Shophaus with its multi-coloured, guilt-free gelato and sorbet.

For those who are craving for sweet, cold treats, look no further than Gelato Secrets, whom first greets patrons as they step into Shophaus. Based in Bali, the gelateria features Italian gelato and sorbet that are fused with Indonesian flavours, all homemade with a recipe that is made up of locally-sourced natural ingredients.

Take bamboo charcoal for example; a mixture of organic vanilla beans (sourced from Sulawesi) and bamboo (from Ubud) that will give way to a unique vanilla taste with a sandy-like texture in your mouth. Other flavours that are also worthy of mention are the coffee gelato (using Arabica beans from Toraja) and fruit sorbets, which range from durian to passionfruit (both from Medan).

It doesn’t stop there; it’s a huge relief to know that the gelato you’re enjoying is, also, dairy-free. Perhaps this is why it is comfortably set at the front part of the joint, with a special mission to whet your appetite before tasting other treats Shophaus has to offer and then, to clean your palate at the end of the tour. Thank God they’re guilt-free.