Jakarta Coffee Manual 2015

by Raina Salim
11th September 2015
Jakarta Coffee Manual is back with the second edition with not just ten, but twenty coffee shops! Just in time to take you on another whirl of Jakarta’s glorified cafés.

Drive down the streets of Jakarta and you’ll find it remarkably easy to spot one of many specialty coffee joints that line the bustling streets. But with the expanding growth of coffee fascination, also comes the pertinent question of which coffee shops you should keep an eye on. With the city’s pressing traffic, it simply wouldn’t do for you to head up to coffee houses just to find them lacking, would it?

This is where our coffee manual comes in handy. With a careful selection of twenty cafés, this manual marks Jakarta Coffee Manual’s second year acting as a guide to your coffee sojourns. Our manual is complete with address details and photos, making it easier for you to see which one suits you best.

Don’t worry, your dedication won’t be left unrewarded. Thirty lucky winners will receive a Jakarta Coffee Manual Card, entitling them to a free coffee from all twenty participating cafés for a full month. Yes, this means twenty free coffees each day!

We hope that our Jakarta Coffee Manual will proof an excellent tool in finding your way around Jakarta’s well-loved cafés. Find your copy in one of the twenty participating cafés soon as it comes in limited stock!



Jakarta Coffee Manual 2015 can be found in 127 Cafe, 9 Cups, Beecy, BUTFIRST, Coffee Smith, Common Grounds, Crematology, Goni, Headline, Kopi Pasar, KoultouraOmbé Kofie, One Fifteenth, Pennyroyal, Tanamera, TOF Sicacilla, Trafique, Turning Point, Watt, Woodpecker.