Crematology (Puri Indah)

24th August 2015
Quick to rival their first branch in both design and quality, Crematology’s second home is making a name for itself as the neighbourhood favourite for the residents of West Jakarta.

There’s something deeply gratifying about starting your day early and being up before the rest of the world. Catching a glimpse of the first streak of dawn, leisurely indulging in your favourite breakfast, and of course, slowly sipping your first cup of coffee while still in a morning daze are just some of the many perks of being an early riser.

Providing you with more than enough reason to convert into an early bird is this European-inspired coffee house. A welcome addition to Puri Indah where streets are filled with food and drinks aplenty, Crematology is making a name for itself as the neighbourhood favourite for the residents of West Jakarta – being the first specialty coffee house to grace Puri Indah.

Nestled just opposite Lippo Mall Puri, they are attracting a steady stream of customers with their specialty coffee and freshly baked pastries. Particular highlights include their Cheesecake Oreo Glory and Fudge Brownie.

Considered an ideal workspace and hangout site, Crematology offers you more than just the standard coffee shop fare. Their pasta and sandwich selections provide other options for those who are coming with a grumbling stomach. And, what could be more perfect than a few calming sips of coffee, all made perfect with fresh Indonesian beans, as you settle in a sofa in the afternoon?

Encouraging you to while away an entire morning or afternoon, the room is stripped of decoration, leaving a sleek industrial aesthetic that serves as a warm and welcoming space. So tag your friends along and unwind with a cup of coffee and great company.