The 10 Rules by Jo Elaine

by Julius Kensan
9th August 2017
We turn to Co-founder of multi-label concept store ARA, Jo Elaine on style rules to stick to in our latest series of The 10 Rules.

Jo Elaine is clearly not an unfamiliar face in the local fashion scene. After her stint as an editor at Dewi Magazine and Bobobobo, Elaine has since co-founded ARA, a multi-label concept store focusing on highlighting established local fashion brands. Toton, Peggy Hartanto, fbudi as well as Raito are just some of the names that are stocked in ARA.

When it comes to style, Elaine encourages making as many mistakes as possible. “They should not be thinking too much about making mistakes. If you do, you’re not going to find out what suits you or what don’t,” says Elaine. Perhaps it’s her past experiences experimenting in various hairstyles and looks, these days Elaine is very much content with just a comfy t-shirt and a simple pair of jeans.

We turn to outspoken Elaine to share with us a list of ten rules she abides by when it comes to style.

  1. Choose a silhouette that accentuates or complements your figure. “I see too many women trying to hide their curves with loose clothing. Own your body. Never apologise.”
  1. Be Comfortable. “Wobbling on 10-inch heels or not being able to breathe or sit won’t make you look any prettier or attractive.”
  1. Consider your surrounding and dress appropriately. “I don’t understand people who wear gowns to fashion shows in malls.”
  1. Dress codes are stupid and a total waste of time and money.
  2. Avoid superficial shortcuts. “Camouflaging your blemish is one thing but coloured contacts, fake lashes and push-up bras are a completely different thing.”
  1. To test if you really love something, buy it at retail. “The random things you buy at sale events, you’ll forget about them sooner or later.”
  1. Menswear, womenswear, who cares. “If it fits, it fits.”
  1. Support your local designers. “Many of them produce beautiful, unique pieces you can’t find elsewhere.”
  1. Think before you buy because ignorant consumerism is so passé.
  2. Do what you like. “Oh, who cares about rules. People are entitled to their opinion. The trick is how to accept yourself nonetheless.”