On The Label: fbudi

by Jeanne Santoso
8th May 2016
On The Label is a series where we place the spotlight on various local fashion labels through a brief and digestible introduction. Now it’s time for fbudi, whose essence is the creative exploration of fabrics and textiles to create design that flow and compliment the female body.

From the debut of the first collection in 2010 until the latest Spring-Summer 2016 collection titled Tanah Air, fbudi’s garments have a certain simplicity to them that is unique to the label.

Having a handful of experience under her belt, including her work at the ISSA London and BIN House in Jakarta, Felicia Budi, the creative mind behind the burgeoning fashion label, has consistently focused on creating high quality garments that also supports both eco-friendly and philanthropic causes.

Behind the stitches of each fbudi garment lies a persisting vision to better society. As in her Tanah Air collection, Felicia partnered with Na’ni House (an organization that empowers people through fabric-weaving and natural colouring) to use hand-woven cotton with threads specially produced from cotton trees in Maumere. Using the proceeds, she then helped to build weaving schools in Maumere, Flores, and East Nusa Tenggara.

Far from being extravagant and ornate, fbudi’s collections have rightly garnered praise, as proven by the slew of awards, from being chosen as participant for Indonesia Fashion Forward, a fashion incubation program mentored by the Centre for Fashion Enterprise (CFE) London in 2014 to becoming one of the five Dewi Fashion Knights for 2015.

As a consequence of her curious and experimental approach to design, the beautifully shaped dresses and delicate garments seem to have its own memory of the human figure and falls daintily on the wearer. Undoubtedly, fbudi is envisioned for the empowered women with captivating femininity and innate strength.



e: info@fbudi.com

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