A Motherland Touch at Ruko Roxy Mas E2/30

by Pingkan Palilingan
6th April 2018
Ruko Roxy Mas E2/30 unfolds like a cabinet of curiosities where its owner, Felicia Budi of fbudi, highlights modest yet impactful handmade local products along with her creations.

Right at the unruly district of Cideng, Ruko Roxy Mas E2/30 starts its daily business quietly across a belt of informal settlements. Inhabiting a ruko (shophouse) exactly at where its name states, Ruko Roxy Mas is a boutique store owned by fashion designer Felicia Budi of fbudi.

In the midst of online shop galore and the ever-pervading “death of retail store” discourse, Felicia appreciates and believes in the tactile experience derived from browsing a physical store that can’t be traded with the instant and effortless-nature of online shopping.

Aside from being a boutique shop, Ruko Roxy Mas could also be likened to a cabinet of curiosities from Felicia’s eclectic finds during her travels within the country. And, as reiterated by Felicia herself, everything you find in Ruko Roxy Mas is handmade in Indonesia and can’t be found anywhere else.

For starters, in one corner a variety of kain from different parts of Indonesia is on display, such as table runner, scarf and placemat. They are discovered during Felicia’s fabric-hunting trip to places like Bandung and Pekalongan. On the main display, a motley collection of ceramic cups and plates by Ignasius Tommy (a Jakarta-based ceramic maker) where every curve and pattern is unique of its own, is another discovery that strikes Felicia’s interest.

Another worthy mention is Rockologist, a small Jogjakarta-based jewellery label that creates weightless and dainty accessories like rings from brass and copper. Last but not least, in a modest move, fbudi collection graces the far corner of the shop, allowing fans of the label to try on Felicia’s creations.

A quick tour around the shop will reveal how Ruko Roxy Mas celebrates down-to-earth Indonesian designs that support the makers as well as conscious towards the materials that constitute each item. It’ll be hard to leave the store empty-handed.