Manual Pick: VACATION Beach Shirt

by Erdira Wirengjurit
24th September 2019
In the tropics, summer fashion lingers all year-long which is why the beach shirt from VACATION with gaudy colourful graphics is another Manual Pick, a series where we highlight items we love and desire that range from remarkably banal to mucho fancy.

Whereas outfits follow the seasons in temperate climates, those who live in the tropics can’t relate to seasonal changes that affects the wardrobe. For worse, Indonesians might envy the opportunity to layer up in style for fall and winter fashion. For the better, summer fashion never really ends as the sun is never gone for too long. Where summer lingers, so is VACATION’s love for beach shirts with gaudy prints to make a statement.

The local fashion brand owns up to the ostentatious style. Those who can vouch for their aesthetic can appreciate the frisky mood that VACATION braces in their design. Whereas beach shirts often flaunt florals, VACATION lures you with a little whimsy. To wit, the Safari Shirt is undoubtedly bold in colours and design where it illustrates tigers and lounging ladies in old school fashion. The pop of colours and repetitive graphic are hard to miss when they scream so loud.

For some, it could be merely an experimental venture to wear this on one’s back. However, many Jakartans already dig the look and can often be seen wearing beach shirts to up one’s game in streetwear. Above all, the point is to embrace that flair and have fun with it.

It’s a definite perk of being in the tropics: local brands can thrive on summer fashion and its wearers never go out of style. While to some beach shirts may be incomprehensible in December, VACATION might just convince you otherwise.


VACATION Safari Shirt – IDR 1,230,000.- – Niniveh Space