The Experimental Space of Niniveh

By Cindy Julia Tobing
13th September 2019
As an experimental space, Niniveh meshes the visions of photographer Chris Bunjamin and his wife Emmelyn Gunawan of Canaan Studio, bringing together the contemporary and the artisanal flair into retail.

Niniveh, which takes over the second floor of Ombe Kofie in Cikajang, intends to be more than a retail store. It aims to be a lifestyle hub that is all about experimenting and exploring, meshing visions of photographer Chris Bunjamin and his wife Emmelyn Gunawan of Canaan Studio, Escalier and Unearth Space, under one home.

The name ‘Niniveh’ itself bears no significant meaning other than its biblical reference: the ancient Assyrian city, Nineveh. Thus, the city’s landscape filled with terracotta and yellow structures is imprinted onto the space’s aesthetics. Designed by Csutoras & Liando studio, pops of the same palette appear in the store’s shelves and furniture for a vibrant and curated retail experience.

Niniveh foster the conscious and slow lifestyle movement with an artistic gist. Where both visions fuse, you’ll come across the usual namesake brands from Jun Takahashi’s Undercover to Ayu Larasati’s bespoke ceramics side by side with the collection of photography artworks by Chris Bunjamin. Perhaps you can land your first piece of artwork to gift yourself. After all, purchasing art is a rite of passage into adulthood.

Building a community through Niniveh is one of the missions that is close to the heart of both owners. Come weekends, visitors can expect future events in forms of workshops, photo exhibitions and other varieties at the space. With its intention to embrace noteworthy brands and create an immersive shopping experience, a concept like Niniveh is something that we can root for.