Heading Offline with bobobobo

by Erdira Wirengjurit
10th October 2018
The fashion online retailer bobobobo brings its shopping experience offline to Pondok Indah Mall 2, where only a small collection of brands is put on display, but nonetheless inviting for trying out a piece or two.

As if entering a personal walk-in wardrobe, bobobobo physical store’s arrival in Pondok Indah Mall (PIM) 2 is very much welcomed among fashion enthusiasts.

The e-commerce retailer is known to carry a collection of Asian fashion brands, name it from Singapore’s Saturday Club, Japan’s American Holic, to local designers like Auguste Soesastro’s Wastu and DIBBA. With a careful curation of the brands, the boutique is established to offer an online shopping experience provided with quality from the comfort of one’s home.

Taking that same principle offline, bobobobo’s new flagship store is only a fraction of what they actually carry, but that won’t matter. For here, shoppers are in a treat for the experience itself.

The store doesn’t occupy much space, in fact, it is rather well subdued despite its exposed location in the mall. But for those who have grown familiar with the retailer know very well that being loud isn’t a savoir-faire they’ve chosen to adopt.

Instead, the brick-and-mortar boutique offers an intimate feel to shopping where nothing is hidden behind racks and racks of clothes. Where every piece is hung in tidy rows, shoppers will feel at ease picking and choosing their next purchase.

Try out that piece, create an outfit, and have your own mini photoshoot in the fitting room, just like how you would do in your room. In the end, the experience of a real retail therapy will never lose its touch (pun very much intended).