Architecture of Cloth by Auguste Soesastro

by Manual Jakarta
21st September 2016
Providing insights into the inner workings of a piece of clothing, Architecture of Cloth is the first solo exhibition by designer Auguste Soesastro that combined fashion, visual arts and architecture.

Fashion is more than just what meets the eye. What one tends to overlook is the complex designs and ideas, painstakingly precise constructions and meticulous details that go into the working of a piece of sublime clothing.

Architecture of Cloth puts the spotlight on the works of Indonesian designer, Auguste Soesastro. Having studied fashion design at École de la chambre syndicale de la couture parisienne and a brief stint under American designer, Ralph Rucci, the designer’s first solo exhibition shows his ambitions in building a connective thread between fashion, visual arts and architecture. Under the context of human forms, Japanese philosophy of Ma (negative space) and unconventional pattern construction, the exhibition provided not only a polished visual treat but also thought process to the inner workings of the clothing, which are often obscured on the runway shows.

Divided into three subcategories of research; Formation, Fragmentation and Reduction, chronicle Auguste’s journey behind each clothing piece that is showcased. In a way, the exhibition delivers an important message that beneath every great work, lies ideas, skills and, most importantly, unwavering dedication.


The exhibition opens in Dia.Lo.Gue until September 24, 2016. Take a look at the gallery to see what you might not want to miss from Architecture of Cloth.