23rd August 2014
Dia.Lo.Gue provides a gripping place for creative conversation by bringing people together with Art and Food.

Art and Food are two bipolar subjects but there is no reason why they should be mutually exclusive. After all, both of them have one similarity: they bring people together.

Located in Kemang Selatan, The building itself, designed by the famed Indonesian architect, Andra Matin, zeroed in on the importance of empty space. Dia.Lo.Gue contains an artspace, café and shop but this should not be view as being over ambitious. Thanks to the expansive and airiness of the establishment, those three gelled together seamlessly without a hitch.

The atmosphere of Dia.Lo.Gue shifts according to the art works that are displayed in the artspace. Sometimes it oozes serenity with sparse illustration art or it displays a hint of playfulness when loud and colourful works are on the exhibit. As such, these art serves as a compelling conversation starter and a backdrop to visitors in the café. Workshops and talks are also regularly held in this establishment to shed enlightening light to the subject of art and everything else that falls within the sphere.

Guests idly tucked into healthy all-day breakfast or Poffertjes and wash them down with juices or tea on lazy afternoon or weekend morning. The service is swift but the staffs are more than happy to leave guests alone to while their time away, before appearing again when needed.

They say one can’t have the best of both worlds but they might have to take their words back. Dia.Lo.Gue is here to prove them wrong.