Valentine’s Day Dessert Degustation by Talita Setyadi

by Julius Kensan
19th February 2014
An intimate peek on the special dessert degustation prepared by pastry chef Talita Setyadi at One Fifteenth Café.

Over at One Fifteenth Café, guests get treated to four course dessert treats by the rising pastry chef, Talita Setyadi, in the evening of Valentine’s Day.

The delish and unique dessert-focused meal was complimented with coffee by Indonesia’s best barista, Doddy Samsura to ensure the balance of the palate.

The ambience of the night is also boosted, not just with the dim light, but the presence of Setyadi herself, where she attended to each table and interacted with guests in a low-key friendly manner.


Dessert Degustation by Talita Setyadi

Feb 14, 2014

One Fifteenth Café