The 10 Rules by Bam Mastro

by Ayu Swasti Amandari
15th March 2019
Avoid flip-flops and have your shades ready at all times, singer-songwriter Bam Mastro shares with us some of the style principles he lives by in the latest series of The 10 Rules.

By now, you’d likely be familiar with Bam Mastro. Some may know the man best as the vocalist of the indie band, Elephant Kind, who just recently released the single, I Believe in Youfrom their new album, The Greatest Ever

As a singer and songwriter, it’s not surprising that Bam shares his mother and sister’s, Neonomora, love for music. In 2017, he pursued his solo singing career and released his debut mini-album I Bleach My skin and co-produced I’m An Albino Polar Bear Living in Captivity and I Know Aliens Don’t Exist in the following year. Proving as the one to watch in the local music scene, Bam earned four nominations from the prestigious Anugerah Musik Indonesia awards in 2018, including one for Best Newcomer.

When it comes to dressing, Bam cites Michael Jackson as his inspiration, “I grew up listening to him and as I enter my twenties, I started to want to look like him.” And unsurprisingly, his sister as well. “If you see me [on stage] at We The Fest or other festivals, that’s my sister’s clothes [that I was wearing],” he admits.  

Here, we turn to the singer to share with us a list of ten simple rules he abides to when it comes to dressing.

  1. It’s important to look neat. “You don’t have to tuck in your shirt [each time], but just make sure [the outfit] is neat.”
  2. Don’t go out in public in flip flops. Plain and simply, “There’s no classy way to wear it.”
  3. Wear nice socks.
  4. Dress according to the occasion you’re going to.
  5. Have your shades ready at all times. “Wear it anywhere you want, even at malls.”
  6. For guys, trim every week to keep your beard/facial hair looking neat. 
  7. Wear shorts. Bam credits Jakarta’s tropical weather: “Just be confident with your legs and make sure your socks is above the ankle. ” 
  8. Never have an empty wrist. Bam prefers a watch or a wristband to add the all-important subtle touch to his daily look.
  9. Choose comfortable footwear. Bam loves his Vans and points out the importance of wearing stylish, yet comfortable shoes, “It’s important to feel confident.”
  10. Be fashion conscious, but don’t be self-conscious. Own your look and don’t worry what others may think, “It doesn’t matter; there’s never anything that’s right,” he concludes.