Stopping Traffic with Anya Hindmarch

by Julius Kensan
16th September 2015
The famed luxury designer handbags and accessories label, Anya Hindmarch, has arrived at PAPILION duo, bringing the much needed off-kilter sartorial humour to our shore with its F/W 2015 collection.

Jakartans may not get the chance to anticipate autumn in Indonesia but at least they get to look forward to new arrival of the Fall collection to spice up their wardrobe. Fans of Anya Hindmarch’s luxury designer handbags and accessories take heed. The British label’s Fall/Winter 2015 has arrived on our shore at PAPILION duo, the multi-label concept store, in Pacific Place.

Those who are expecting a good dose of off-kilter sartorial humour from the label would not be disappointed. Established since 1990, Anya Hindmarch’s signature blend of humour and craftsmanship are recognisable across the collection’s line of bags, which include totes, clutches and backpacks.

Interestingly, discerning individuals may also noticed the common thread that link the collection to the everyday lives of Jakartans. Inspired by lights, reflective surfaces and graphic signage from motorway, Anya Hindmarch’s Fall collection would find itself very much at home in the perennially congested Jakarta. To wit, the distinct “Construction Ahead” sign is featured prominently on a leather tote bag.

Still, it is the label’s leather stickers that are very likely to stop the traffic. Created in collaboration with CHAOS fashion, the collection also includes oversized stickers for the first time. Of course, this is not your typical run-of-the-mill sticker. In fact, it is created using a type of high-frequency treatment of leather where sealing of leather is made possible without stitching. From Mickey Mouse’s thumbs up, thunderbolt to smiley face, these pop-ish stickers are definitely accessible yet luxurious way to accessorise, say, bag, phones or even car.

The best part? The stickers are going to (literally) stick with you for life. Anya Hindmarch is obviously relieving the duty of Fashion Police all over the world, one sticker at a time.


For more information or to see the collection up close, visit


Pacific Place, Level G-20 

Sudirman Central Business District

Jl. Jendral Sudirman Kav 52-53

Jakarta 12190, Indonesia


T: +62 21 579 73645